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Visual World - Corporate Visual Communication

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Visual World is a company dedicated to corporate visual communication, which involves the whole expressive style forming the corporate image: shop signs, sign-writing, sign-painting, means of transportation labeling, and any other expression which makes visible the identity of an organization which wants to make the difference and stand out from the others.

Vinyl, signs, corporate logos, light boxes, canvases, etc. All these visual aids can be used to spread the message of your organization. What really counts is to convey your message in the simplest and most direct way. We convert any type of publicity into physical support. All you have to do is simply make your choice, and we will take care of everything else.

In Visual Word we listen to our clients and detect their needs to satisfy them in the best possible way. To us, the spirit of service is of fundamental importance. We devote our work and efforts to the attention of detail and to communicate with the client.  The top quality product fulfills this concept: Continuous, direct and personalized assessemnet and guidance!

Our aim is to bring value-added differentiation to our clients through our work, creativity, quality and constant communication, which are the keys to our success.

To whom?

  • Advertising agencies
  • Any sector shop or company
  • Decorators and interior designers
  • Marketing departments
  • Graphic designers
  • Building & refurbishment companies
  • Window decorators
  • Public bodies and government agencies
  • Self-employed signwriters